Video making | Editing


About us

Work of highest quality - is main priority for any of our video projects. We wisely use all of our resources for each project picked individually, which is the key to our successful work.

The whole process beginning from filming and ending with video editing and color correction is done by us, naturally, to suit your wishes. The composition of frame building, organization of color solutions, the principle of montage and editing - are all parts of our work!

To achieve our goals, we use best practices and standards, rules of work, pay attention to detail and use all skills and experience obtained throughout the years.

We use high quality equipment of professional level which allows to create source video and turn it into a great product!

The beginning of acquiring practical skills goes to the early 90s, basically, the previous century. With time passing by, the work process of video production has changed. Nowadays we are able to produce a bigger volume of work, due to high-end technologies and data transfers. We offer to involve all of this to turn common ideas into reality.

Compound stages of our workflow

  • Deepening into the scope of the client
  • Strategy Development
  • Selecting the target audience
  • Approval of the plan
  • Selection of technical equipment and auxiliary tools
  • Style, method and techniques for capturing the source video
  • Choice of key moments
  • Image editing and correction
  • Special Effects, Motion graphics, 3D graphics
  • Final inspection
  • Customer approval
  • Media distribution
  • Location Management